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Retail Overview

Companies accepting credit or debit cards in exchange for goods or services must already be compliant with the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) requirements. Any merchant that does not comply with PCI DSS is at risk of extensive fines.

To ensure that a PCI compliant merchant is able to incorporate new technologies and to protect against new ways of hacking personal data, continuous auditing is required to retain PCI DSS compliance.


  • Satisfy PCI DSS compliance requirements for controlling, monitoring, logging, and auditing cardholder data
  • Multiple layers of redundancy ensure always-on secure connectivity
  • You won't have to sacrifice performance to gain superior protection
  • Feature-rich, no-hassle visibility and reporting tools - included at nor extra cost!
  • A truly unified solution that lets you manage all security technologies, feature sets and xtm aplliances through the same interface
  • Physical and virtual appliances for protection in any environment.

While large company breaches generate the most headlines, smaller franchises and retailers are under constant threat of theft or damage. In the case of downtime or a data breach event, costs can quickly escalate. The Aberdeen Group found that downtime costs the average mid-sized business $74,000 per hour lost, and about $881,000 annually.*

Retail Network Topology

WatchGuard enables you to protect your network from each unique and evolving security challenge while also helping your organization comply with the increasing number of industry regulations. WatchGuard's award-winning, next-generation physical and virtual security appliances provide the industry's premier multilayered protection, while enabling the advanced networking, strong performance, and powerful management tools that businesses today need to compete.

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