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The power to share data that can ultimately improve patient outcomes has put enormous pressure on IT departments to safeguard that information. With unsettling regularity, the newswires light up with tales of patient data unwittingly exposed, or medical identities stolen in order to file bogus claims to defraud the healthcare system of millions of dollars.

In some instances, cybercriminals seem more intent on mischief than in financial gain, as when an epilepsy support group website was hacked and embedded with animations that caused viewers to suffer seizures.

Security breaches undermine patient trust and loyalty, while the healthcare organizations responsible are subject to consequences that can include regulatory fines, legal fees, and patient reparations.

Over the past two years, the typical healthcare organization reportedly suffered an average of four data breaches - with 29% claiming a breach resulted in medical indentify theft. Clearly, there is an urgent need for healthcare organizations to improve data stewardship.

Healthcare Network Topology

Ways that WatchGuard Helps You:

  • Stays up to date with Hitech, HIPAA and other standards
  • Helps define, identify and protect PHI and other sensitive data
  • Secures remote acces
  • Deploys layered security for broadest range of network threat coverage
  • Delivers compliance reporting, monitoring and centralized management

Ponemon Institute Findings on Healthcare Organizations & Data Security

  • 96% incurred at least one data breach in the last two years
  • 29% said a data breach resulted in medical identity theft
  • On average, healthcare organizations suffered 4 data breach incidents during the past two years
  • $2.2 million: average economic impact of a single data breach in 2011
  • 41% of breaches caused by employee mistakes

How have healthcare organizations been impacted by a data breach?

  • 81% report suffering time and productivity loss
  • 78% cite damage to brand or reputation
  • 75% cite loss of patient goodwill
Source: Ponemon Institute (Sponsored by ID Experts). Second Annual Benchmark Study on Patient Privacy & Data Security. December 2011

Email Encryption and Data Loss Prevention for Healthcare

With a staggering 41% of healthcare breaches said to originate from employee mistakes, email encryption and data loss prevention (DLP) are increasingly becoming "must have" features healthcare organizations simply cannot afford to do without.*

Email encryption from WatchGuard safeguards your sensitive email from the prying eyes of unauthorized individuals - even if it is intercepted! In fact, each month, WatchGuard helps ensure millions of encrypted messages containing PHI, financial data, personal ID numbers, and other sensitive data are securely delivered to the intended recipient.

WatchGuard DLP intelligently analyzes both context (who is sending information, and who is receiving it) and content (what the information is) to ensure that sensitive data is not accidentally or maliciously leaked out of your organization.
* Ponemon Institute (Sponsored by ID Experts). Second Annual Benchmark Study on Patient Privacy & Data Security. December 2011.

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