Bring Your Own Device
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"Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) can offer more independence and flexibility for your workers. It can also significantly reduce your control over the network's security. WatchGuard has tools that can enable your BYOD and at the same time keep applications, networks and data safe.


BYOD Creates Danger

BYOD raises concerns for IT. Common risks include:
  • Exposure to malware, security vulnerabilities and loss of sensitive information.
  • Mobile devices frequently use outdated firmware that could mean critical operating system and application vulnerabilities.
  • Smartphone users often download music, videos, images, games, access applications, and execute files with scant regard to file source or authenticity.
  • When off the company grid, devices used for personal computing and messaging lack the protections of the network firewall. The entire organization can be exposed to hacker exploits or malware infection when the device re-connects to the network.

BYOD Creates Productivity

Work is a thing to do, not a place to go. Just ask any flex-time worker, mobile/road warrior, or off-site employee. A recent survey showed that productivity actually increased when employees were allowed to use their personal devices for work.

How WatchGuard Enables You to Create a Secure BYOD Ecosystem

You can implement a practical, workable framework with unified security in a BYOD environment. WatchGuard has the tools to help you do it.

A few highlights of WatchGuard capabilities for BYOD Ecosystems:
  • Rich visibility and reporting tools, included at no extra cost, illuminate your network and its potential trouble spots.
  • Network segmentation is easy and quick to set up - both physical and virtual.
  • Application Control monitors over 1,800 types of apps that can traverse your network, even apps within web apps.
  • Best-in-class gateway AV and cloud-based URL filtering is a first line of defense against mobile malware at the perimeter.
  • WebBlocker makes it easy for IT to setup and administer policies around acceptable web surfing activities.
  • Full-featured VPN capabilities let administrator enforce acceptable use policies for mobile and remote employees who need anytime, anywhere corporate data access.
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