WatchGuard Design and Architecture

Optrics WatchGuard Design and Architecture

Typically the next step after a Needs Assessment, our specialists will create a design and architecture plan for your solution.
Obviously, below is just a small example - a proper design and architecture of your own network would be customized and much more extensive.

  • Map and plan the network
  • Can any current infrastructure be re-used?
  • Take equipment inventory
    • Migration plan for legacy equipment replacement
    • Make recommendations based upon site survey.
    • Compliance requirements?
  • Source products
    • UTM Firewalls
    • Content Security (web & email filters)
    • Virtual Appliances?
    • SSL VPN
    • Access Points
    • Management Software?
    • Cloud Services?
  • Take a physical network topology
  • Network Monitoring Tools
    • Integrate wireless solution into existing
    • or, Design new monitoring solution
  • Virtualized solution(s) required?
  • Network monitoring tools required?
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery plans
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