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Step Up to Best-in-Class Network Security and Comply with GLBA and PCI DSS

Financial services organizations of all sizes are under attack from cybercriminals and insiders, while also subject to an increasing array of data governance regulations and auditing requirements. The need for a cost-effective, defense-in-depth network security solution that is easy-to-manage should top the wish lists for network security administrations.

According to Verizon's 2012 Data Breach Investigations Report, 97% of data breaches were preventable through simple or intermediate controls. The same report found that 96% of cybercrime victims subject to PCI DSS had not achieved compliance.1
1 Verizon. 2012 Data Breach Investigations Report

By being smart about security, such as by taking a multilayered approach and implementing strong policy controls, financial organizations can significantly bolster their network defenses and reduce their security risk from employee mistakes and hackers.

Award-Winning, Defense-in-Depth Network Protection for Your Business

WatchGuard enables you to protect your network from each unique and evolving security challenge while also helping your organization comply with the increasing number of industry regulations. WatchGuard's award-winning, next-generation physical and virtual security appliances provide the industry's premier multilayered protection, while enabling the advanced networking, strong performance, and powerful management tools that businesses today need to compete.

Best-In-Class By Design

WatchGuard products are engineered to seamlessly integrate best-in-class solutions from technology luminaries, including AVG, Commtouch, Websense, BroadWeb, and Kaspersky. By consolidating robust access controls, web URL filtering, intrusion prevention, anti-malware, zeroday protection, application-aware firewalling, and other vital security features into one powerful device, WatchGuard is able to deliver security that is stronger at each defense layer, easier to manage, and at a better value than competitors.

Award-Winning, Multi-layered Network Protection

WatchGuard's award-winning unified threat management appliances (WatchGuard XTM) and virtual security appliances (WatchGuard XTMv) deliver the industry's top multi-layered protection, providing you with advanced networking, strong performance, and the powerful management tools necessary to make sure your business can compete.

Multi-Layered Network Protection

How WatchGuard Protects Financial Data

  • Stays up-to-date with SOX, PCi DSS, SEC Requirements, GLBA and other standards
  • Helps define, identify and protect sensitive data
  • Delivers compliance reporting, monitoring and centralized management
  • Secures remote connectivity
  • Deploys layered security for broadest range of network threat coverage

Securing Remote Connectivity

WatchGuard enables secure connectivity and robust data protection for workers on the go. Select from a range of solutions (VPN, Wi-Fi, etc.) to encrypt and protect communications for your headquarters, branch offices, and mobile workers.

Smarter Security Simplifies Compliance

With tools like these, you will enjoy an unprecedented view of what's going on in your network while gathering the security auditing information you need to demonstrate compliance with state and federal regulations including SOX, SEC requirements, PCI DSS, and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA).

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