T-Series Tabletop Firewalls

WatchGuard Firebox T15

Protect Where You Connect

Firebox T15 is ideal for larger organizations that want to extend easy-to-use VPN protection to remote workers, home offices and smaller sites.

With today's remote and distributed workforce, the concept of a distinct corporate network perimeter has all but disappeared. A security solution that can be seamlessly deployed everywhere that your network connects is now essential for securing modern organizations. Firebox T15 is a cost-effective powerhouse that offers diverse VPN services, enabling flexible remote access and branch office connectivity.

WatchGuard Firebox T20

Big Security in a Small Appliance

Perfect as a stand-alone firewall solution or as a VPN gateway for centralized traffic inspection, Firebox T20 is a small appliance that brings big security to small and home office environments.

It's no secret that attackers go for the weakest link when trying to get into a corporate network, and this is often a home office or small office user. Firebox T20 gives you a powerful tool for administering and enforcing policy across your extended network, allowing you to bring full UTM protection to remote workers and smaller sites for tighter security.

WatchGuard Firebox T40

Enterprise-grade security for branch offices

Csmall-footprint security powerhouse that brings enterprise-level network security to small branch offices.

WatchGuard’s Firebox T40 brings enterprise-level network security to small branch offices, in line with the reality of today's increasingly distributed work style. Firebox T40 appliances support the full Total Security Suite, bringing the breadth of WatchGuard’s security services to our most popular model of tabletop appliance for the first time.

WatchGuard Firebox T80

High-performance security that evolves with your network

customizable, high-performance tabletop firewall with optional port expansion modules to adapt to your changing needs.

Businesses today are dependent on fast, reliable and secure Internet connectivity, but struggle to find network security solutions that can keep up, let alone evolve as their needs change. Firebox T80 is one of the highest performing tabletop appliances on the market and offers optional port expansion modules for integrated fiber connectivity, so you can adapt as your connectivity needs change.

Model Comparison

Firebox T80 product photo Firebox T40 product photo Firebox T80 product photo
WatchGuard® Model WatchGuard Firebox T15/T15-W Firebox T20/T20-W Firebox T40/T40-W Firebox T80
Ideal For 5 Users 5 Users 20 Users 50 Users
UTM Throughput 90 Mbps 154 Mbps 300 Mbps 631 Mbps
Firewall Throughput 400 Mbps 1.7 Gbps 3.4 Gbps 4.7 Gbps
VPN Throughput 150 Mbps 485 Mbps 880 Mbps 1.4 Gbps
AV Throughput 120 Mbps 328 Mbps 586 Mbps 1.15 Gbps
IPS Throughput 160 Mbps 271 Mbps 510 Mbps 909 Mbps
VPN Tunnels
Branch Office VPN Tunnels 5 10 30 60
Mobile VPN 5 10 30 60
Interfaces 3 Gb 5 Gb 5 Gb 8 Gb; Optional 1xSFP+
Wireless Models 802.11b/g/n 802.11ac 802.11ac N/A
Networking Features
VLAN 10 10 30 75
SD-WAN Dynamic Path Selection
Additional Security Subscriptions
Support and Maintenance Program 1-year and 3-year subscriptions available 1-year and 3-year subscriptions available 1-year and 3-year subscriptions available 1-year and 3-year subscriptions available
Access Portal N/A N/A Optional Optional
Application Control Optional Optional Optional Optional
APT Blocker Optional Optional Optional Optional
Data Loss Prevention Optional N/A N/A N/A
DNSWatch Optional Optional Optional Optional
Gateway AntiVirus Optional Optional Optional Optional
IntelligentAV N/A N/A Optional Optional
Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS) Optional Optional Optional Optional
Network Discovery Optional Optional Optional Optional
Reputation Enabled Defense Optional Optional Optional Optional
spamBlocker with Virus Outbreak Detection Optional Optional Optional Optional
Threat Detection and Response Optional Optional Optional Optional
WebBlocker with HTTPS URL filtering Optional Optional Optional Optional
Throughput rates are determined using multiple flows through multiple ports and will vary depending on environment and configuration. Max firewall throughput tested using 1518 byte UDP packets based on RFC 2544 methodology.

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