WatchGuard Product and Solution Videos

Here are a number of videos on WatchGuard products and solutions. You'll also find some on-demand webinars here with in-depth information on WatchGuard solutions. If you have any questions that aren't addressed here, feel free to contact us.

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Top Cyber Threats Taking Advantage of the Pandemic Situation

WatchGuard security experts discussing spammers and hackers that are taking advantage of the current Corona virus pandemic, and how to stay safe.

Air-Tight Security and Great Work/Life Balance with WatchGuard

STF Consulting Founder and President Sean Furman leads a five-person team that supports 35 customers, 150 servers, and about 800 end users.

Serving 35 customers and over 800 users across a diverse range of industries, STF consulting is a 5-person Managed Service Provider leveraging WatchGuard solutions to deliver air-tight defense and reliable networking performance to clients who put a premium on uptime.

The powerful centralized management console of the WatchGuard System Manager allows STF Consulting to dramatically reduce the time it takes to onboard new customers, implement updates, and perform other tasks when compared with competitor solutions.

Watch to learn how the simplified management and reliability of WatchGuard allows STF Consulting to meet the demands of its broad customer base, while still enjoying a great work/life balance.

  • Free Initial Consultation
  • Powerful centralized management makes admin tasks easy
  • Drag & drop VPN & other features save hours

2013 Security Predictions

Get the latest updates on this year's biggest cyber threats and how you can protect your network, in a live webinar from WatchGuard.

You're half way through 2013, but there are more threats on the way-from mobile malware to BYOD, virtualization threats and new cyberlaw, plus the potential of digitally-delivered death. In this on-demand webinar from WatchGuard, find out how our 2013 predictions stacked up, and what you need to do to keep your network, applications, and data safe.

View this 77 min. webinar and learn:

  • How to protect against the most lethal threats - - like IPv6 attacks and mobile malware - by taking a defense-in-depth security approach.
  • How to stop new APTs from targeting your most vulnerable sectors and endpoints, including BYOD, mobile wallets, and virtual environments.
  • How to prepare your network for the future, with defense strategies and practical tips from the experts.

When the threats get serious, the fun begins for companies that are prepared. Discover how to anticipate and protect your network from the latest cyber security predictions, in this on-demand webinar from WatchGuard.

Hack into The Mind of a Hacker

Are You A Target? What makes your company a potential target? How can you know if your network is being set up for an attack? What can you do to protect your network and data once you've been targeted?

View this on-demand webinar for insightful information and go inside the mind of a hacker with our Director of Security Research, Corey Nachreiner.

Follow along as you are driven through demonstrations of how hackers case networks, mark vulnerabilities, and later return to infiltrate the network and extract valuable data. Most importantly, find out what you can do to protect your network.

View this 57 min. webinar and learn:

  • What types of hackers are out there - and why you could be a target!
  • Hacking tools and techniques - straight from the Hacker Toolkit. Watch as we perform real-world attack methods against servers, clients, and web applications.
  • How to protect your network at each stagefrom thwarting hacker reconnaissance missions, to defending against exploits and blended attacks.

Protection from today's cybercriminals requires the right blend of intelligently-layered security technologies, smart policies, and an informed IT team. Learn more about the hacker landscape, and how you can protect your network and data, in this on-demand webinar from WatchGuard.

Waging War on Wireless Threats

The good news: Employees are happier and more productive when they use their own devices. The challenge for IT? Keeping wireless networks safe despite the fact that personal devices and apps open the door to data loss and threats.

Discover how to protect wireless networks from threats introduced by employee devices. In this on-demand webinar from WatchGuard, you'll learn how to balance the need for information security with employee productivity and device freedom.

View this 41 min.+ webinar and learn:

  • How to support BYOD by gaining visibility into users, applications and devices to know what is happening on your network at any time.
  • How to minimize security threats and breaches while supporting the applications, devices, and services introduced by wireless devices.
  • How to protect both wireless and wired networks with a unified security solution that resides in one place and covers all devices.

As the number of wireless devices grows, so do the threats to your network. Learn how to support performance, security and employee devices, in this on-demand webinar from WatchGuard.

Rise of the Smart Firewall

Staying ahead of threats isn't easy. New, blended threats emerge every day, while the cloud, BYOD, and Web 2.0 open up new attack vectors. Point solutions can't protect your organization - even next-generation firewalls can't keep up.

Find out how to defend against blended threats with the multi-layered protection of unified threat management (UTM). View this webinar and you'll discover why only a UTM can offer the range of protection you need - from anti-virus, URL filtering, anti-spam to IPS and application control - to stop today's threats.

View this 33 min. webinar and learn:

  • What are the 5 things you need to know to evaluate a UTM, from performance, to range of solutions, management, reporting and flexibility
  • Why next-generation firewalls can't deliver the multi-layered security and defense-in-depth of a UTM
  • How to make sure you're getting Best-in-Class protection from the top providers, including AVG, BroadWeb and Kaspersky

Today's evolving threats can slip past point solutions�it's time to step up to multi-layered protection. Discover how a UTM can offer a cost effective alternative to your firewall!

Smart, Secure Wireless in a BYOD World

The proliferation of smart mobile devices like tablets, smartphones and notebooks is driving the BYOD explosion and putting ever-increasing demands on wireless networks. Organizations want to harness the productivity gains these devices provide, but without putting network assets at risk. It is now more important than ever to have control over your entire network - both wired and wireless - with comprehensive, integrated security policies and increased visibility.

Find out how to secure your WLAN and eliminate wireless network management headaches in this on-demand webinar from WatchGuard where you'll gain insight into configuring, managing and monitoring secure wireless access points.

View this 33 min. webinar and learn:

  • How to stay ahead of BYOD threats by extending Best-in-Class UTM security to the WLAN allowing for safe and controlled connection of smart mobile devices on your network
  • How unified device management tools make configuration and management of both firewalls and wireless access points a breeze
  • Easy integration of wired and wireless security policies ensures consistent application of security standards across the entire network

Deploying, managing and securing both wired and wireless network assets has never been more important. Learn how to meet these challenges head on in this on-demand webinar from WatchGuard, so you can rest easy.