Case Studies

We've assembled just a few of the hundreds of available case studies that showcase the positive impact that WatchGuard products have had on various industries. Showcasing the solutions that have been implemented by customers to address their particular needs, they can provide some information on just how flexible the WatchGuard product is.

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MSP Flexes Air-Tight Defense and Game-Changing Centralized Management from WatchGuard

Serving 35 customers and over 800 users across a diverse range of industries, STF Consulting is a five-person MSP (Managed Service Provider) leveraging WatchGuard solutions to deliver air-tight defense and reliable networking performance to clients who put a premium on uptime.

Watch to learn how the simplified management and reliability of WatchGuard allows STF Consulting to meet the demands of its broad customer base, while still enjoying a great work/life balance.

Propelling Secured Performance 24/7 across the Globe

With the business expanding and a new production plant being set up in Singapore in 2007, Berg Propulsion needed a company-wide security solution that not only offered high performance but was easily scalable to keep pace with the company's growth. At the same time, it must be easy to manage and maintain as well as being resilient to the rapid and furious influx of security threats.

After disappointing results with other network security products, this global firm switched to WatchGuard to get the high performance, scalability, easy of management, and solid protection it needed to continue to expand its market share.

WatchGuard Leads the Way for Next Generation IT Professionals

Because a strong working knowledge of network security is so important in the education of future IT professionals, Cracow University of Technology installed a learning lab for hands-on practice with the newest, most sophisticated security technologies.

See why they chose WatchGuard UTM and XTM solutions as teaching tools to give their students the experience they need to handle today's - and tomorrow's - network threats.

Fortune 200 Firm Achieves Global Email Protection

Recognize this business scenario? Hundreds of millions of spam messages a month coming in, stringent regulatory standards to meet, sensitive data to contain within the company's virtual walls.

You might think an enterprise would need a team of administrators just to manage email security of such magnitude. But this Fortune 200 company has been able to block 98% or more of spam and have the email content security it needs without intensive labor costs. Their WatchGuard XCS solution is doing the job just fine, easily and securely managed by one person.

WatchGuard lights up remote office security for Acuity Brands

When Acuity Brands went looking for a network security solution to protect their numerous, far-flung independent offices, with scalability, unified threat management and one point of administration, they chose WatchGuard.

Watch and see how this scalable solution offering high availability and one point of management lowered support burdens on the IT staff at headquarters and offered complete network security.

This library is open to everyone (except hackers)

When Burlington Public Library went looking for a security solution for their high volume network, they chose WatchGuard. With an average of 800 visitors at the main branch every day and more than with more than 250 public access computers, they required a network security solution with the ability to create subnets for different user groups -- particularly to protect kids from inappropriate content -- while providing secure remote access for branch libraries and ease of use.

After comparing the price and performance of other products they chose WatchGuard XTM 1050s because they will grow and diversify to meet the libraries' growing needs while providing superior security.

Radiant Systems Finds Fast ROI with WatchGuard

Radiant Technologies provides retail and hospitality businesses of all sizes with innovative, easy to use technology that allows their customers to grow their top line.

Radiant redefines the customer experience and enhances revenue drivers. With growth in their future, adherence to strict regulatory compliance a must, and customer demands that include the best in performance and network security, Radiant deployed four WatchGuard XTM 1050 devices in their data center. Read this case study to find out how the WatchGuard XTM 1050 helped double their connections and triple their capacity, while making growth a reality and compliance a snap.

Schools Give High Grades for Performance and Web Safety

Andover School District, located in Sussex County, New Jersey, provides nearly 750 students in grades K through 8 with cutting edge educational technology and always places new technology initiatives at the top of their list of goals.

Read this case study to find out how WatchGuard security solutions not only helped the school district provide secure connectivity, but also helped them maintain the bandwidth they needed within the budget they were provided.

Physical Therapy Company Gets Back in the Game with WatchGuard Security

Apple Physical Therapy needed to update their network security solution to keep up with their growing business. With over 20 locations to connect, they required a VPN solution that provided a reliable infrastructure, secure communication, and increased speed between branch offices. WatchGuard fit the bill perfectly.

Convenience Stores Achieve Quick & Easy PCI Compliance

Working with a limited IT staff and tight budget, Garb-Ko, Inc., franchiser and operator of more than 90 convenience stores, needed to find a robust network security solution that provided high-availability VPN capabilities to connect stores and enforce PCI-compliant security for card transactions. By rolling out a solution that included several WatchGuard Edge X10e-W appliances, Garb-Ko was able meet their VPN and PCI compliance requirements, and implement a solution that offered the manageability and affordability they needed.