AuthPoint Hardware Token Authentication

Simple authentication that adapts to your business needs

AuthPoint’s time-based, one-time password (OTP) hardware token is a sealed electronic device designed to generate secure OTPs every 30 seconds that businesses can use as an alternative to the mobile token to authenticate into protected resources.


WatchGuard hardware tokens are ready to use and can provide an additional source of protection for businesses when mobile device use is limited or restricted. Plus, token seeds are never exported or exposed! The entire authentication process is Cloud-based, which means sensitive data is not exposed.


Although mobile-based authentication is more popular and, in many cases, more secure, there are many scenarios where hardware tokens are required or preferred.

WatchGuard Authpoint Hardware Token
  • Accessing locations where authentication is required, but mobile use is restricted, like hospitals
  • Tough environments, like mines or oil platforms
  • Companies with policies that limit or restrict use of personal mobile device for security purposes


  • Ready to use with a onestep activation process
  • 3-year warranty, 7+ year life expectancy
  • Water resistant
  • Automatically provisioned through WatchGuard Cloud

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AuthPoint Authentication Service

MFA That’s Powerfully Easy

Using stolen credentials to breach network resources is the #1 tactic that hackers use.* By requiring additional proof of identity beyond a simple password, multi-factor authentication is the single most important safeguard to protect your business.

WatchGuard’s unique multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution not only reduces network disruptions and data breaches arising from weak or stolen credentials, but WatchGuard delivers this important capability entirely from the Cloud for easy set-up and management. Moreover, AuthPoint® goes beyond traditional 2-factor authentication (2FA) by incorporating innovative ways to identify users, such as with our Mobile Device DNA.

With their large ecosystem of 3rd party integrations, it means that WatchGuard's strong protection can be consistently deployed across the network, VPNs, Cloud applications - wherever it’s needed. Even non-technical users find the friendly AuthPoint mobile app easy and convenient to use. Ultimately, WatchGuard AuthPoint is the right solution at the right time to make MFA a reality for businesses who desperately need it to block attacks.

Authpoint Authentication Solution

WatchGuard Cloud Platform

  • 100% Cloud-based management
  • Authenticator allocation and activation
  • Authentication policies based on groups and resources
  • Logs and reports
  • Role-based access
  • Intuitive, attractive user interface

AuthPoint Mobile App

  • Three authentication options available:
    1. Push messages
    2. One-time passwords (time-based)
    3. QR codes when offline
  • Mobile authenticator – no additional hardware to carry
  • 13 languages
  • Multi-token support
  • iOS and Android – free to download
  • PIN/biometrics protection (on certain devices)
  • Mobile device DNA - added authentication factor
  • Self-service mobile token migration to new devices
What is MFA?

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