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Smart Security for School Networks and Students
Innovative technologies and expanded network bandwidth enriches the K-12 learning experience and can even bridge classrooms around the world. Yet, the tools that help students and teachers learn and collaborate can introduce vulnerabilities. The sheer diversity of network users (students, teachers, administrators, library users, and more) and school-issued and personal network-connecting devices, puts tremendous pressure on education IT departments. The widespread popularity of Web 2.0 applications, the potential for data leaks, and the emergence of cyber-bullying have intensified the need for next-generation tools that can handle today�s demanding security landscape.

Improve Security, Reliability, and Manageability
WatchGuard�s award-winning, next-generation physical and virtual security appliances for education provide premier multilayered protection, while enabling the advanced networking, strong performance, and powerful management tools that your school system needs to flourish. With WatchGuard, school systems and libraries can achieve the critical balance between network access for educational purposes and the responsibility to stop inappropriate and dangerous web content in compliance with the Child Information Protection Act (CIPA).

Education Network Topology

WatchGuard XTM firewall/VPN solutions put comprehensive security between your education network and malicious threats.

  • Deploy blazing fast, multi-function XTM firewalls with IPSec and SSL VPN capabilities built in
  • Add security subscriptions to boost protection in critical attack areas, stopping spam, inappropriate and dangerous web content, viruses, and other network intrusions
  • Keep social networking sites off limits if you choose, and block IM and P2P applications
  • Control web surfing with teacher overrides - even on HTTPS traffic
  • Ensure only authorized users have access to your valuable resources
  • Track, monitor, and review real-time reports with easy management tools
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